Noctambule Suspension Light


Compared with usual glass pendant lamps, Noctambule Suspension Light features a distinct shape of cans. It is available in two models with transparent glass lampshade.

  • Dia 28 cm x H 56 cm
  • Dia 40 cm x H 52 cm
  • Dia 28 cm x H 90 cm
  • Dia 28 cm x H 124 cm
  • Dia 28 cm x H 157 cm
  • Dia 40 cm x H 86 cm
  • Dia 40 cm x H 119 cm
  • Dia 40 cm x H 153 cm
Light Source
  • Warm White
  • Cold White


Noctambule Suspension Light

One of the best works

Noctambule suspension light is another groundbreaking lighting design in lamps and lighting lamp arrays. It is famous for its high cylindrical noctamble led dimmable chandelier. It is one of the best works of designer Konstantin Grcic.

Inspired by the night owl, the noctamble of Konstantin Grcic has a transparent main body, which can almost integrate into the room without light, but it will let people know its existence when lighting at night. Noctamble chandeliers offer a variety of unique and unique design options, with a cylindrical body (low or high), which can be combined with a dome or conical head if you need a more direct light source.

Applicable to any internal space

Noctambule suspension light lampshades of different shapes are available in four sizes to meet your diverse needs. The main materials are high-quality blown crystal, die-casting aluminum and metal. With high-quality LED light source and transparent and black finish, it virtually reveals a sense of elegance and nobility, which makes people can't help looking more.

This dynamic luminaire is suitable for any internal space and can be configured as a chandelier or standing lamp using the add-on components included with the product. Hanging on your living room or dining table, your guests will see this crystal clear chandelier at first sight.

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Noctambule Suspension Light Size

Noctambule Short Cylinders

  • Size: Dia 18cm x H 100cm/ ∅ 7.1″ x H 39.4″
  • Size: Dia 18cm x H 134cm/ ∅ 7.1″ x H 52.8″
  • Size: Dia 18cm x H 168cm/ ∅ 7.1″ x H 66″
  • Size: Dia 18cm x H 210cm/ ∅ 7.1″ x H 82.7″

Noctambule Floor Lamp

Noctambule Cone Shade

  • Size: Dia 28cm x H 56cm/ ∅ 11″ x H 22″
  • Size: Dia 28cm x H 90cm/ ∅ 11″ x H 35.4″
  • Size: Dia 28cm x H 124cm/ ∅ 11″ x H 48.8″
  • Size: Dia 28cm x H 157cm/ ∅ 11″ x H 61.8″

Noctambule Floor Lamp

Noctambule Bowl Shade

  • Size: Dia 40cm x H 52cm/ ∅ 15.8″ x H 20.5″
  • Size: Dia 40cm x H 86cm/ ∅ 15.8″ x H 33.9″
  • Size: Dia 40cm x H 119cm/ ∅ 15.8″ x H 46.8″
  • Size: Dia 40cm x H 153cm/ ∅ 15.8″ x H 60.2″

Noctambule Floor Lamp

Noctambule Suspension Light Details

  • Material: Blown crystal, Die-cast aluminum, Metal

  • Light source: LED,
  • Power: 10W
  • Weight: 5kg/ 11lbs
  • Finishes: Transparent, Black
  • Process: Polishing, Lacquer, Blown crystal
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 150cm / 59 ″ wires, which can be lengthened as needed.
Product Details

Data sheet

SizeDia 18cm x H 100cm
Dia 18cm x H 134cm
Dia 18cm x H 168cm
Dia 18cm x H 210cm
Dia 28cm x H 56cm
Dia 28cm x H 90cm
Dia 28cm x H 124cm
Dia 28cm x H 157cm
Dia 40cm x H 52cm
Dia 40cm x H 86cm
Dia 40cm x H 119cm
Dia 40cm x H 153cm
light sourceCold white
Warm white
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