LED Net Ceiling/ Wall Lamp

  • Long 7 Heads
  • Long 10 Heads
  • Long 13 Heads
  • Round 9 Heads
  • Round 12 Heads
  • Round 15 Heads
  • Round 18 Heads
  • Round 24 Heads
  • Round 30 Heads
  • Cold White
  • Warm White
Lamp Body Color
  • Black
  • White


LED net ceiling/wall lamp

Structure design of LED net ceiling / wall lamp

The vine like components of energy-saving LED are arranged along the painted aluminum structure, creating unlimited customization opportunities. Transparent methacrylic acid lens with satin methacrylic acid lens support. Circular and straight lines are provided as standard for direct lighting.

Classic black and white finish

Led net ceiling / wall light has two sizes: long and round. Each type has eight sizes to choose from to meet your different needs. The material is high-quality metal, aluminum alloy and acrylic acid. The light source adopts high-quality LED chip to make your room full of light. You can choose black or white finish. No matter which one, it is classic and versatile, which can easily match with your interior decoration.

LED lamps can be used for hanging, ceiling and wall. Led mesh ceiling lamp / wall lamp is popular because of its unique appearance design. The light emitted is warm and comfortable. It is an ideal lamp for bedroom and living room.

  • If you need a Led Net suspension version, please contact us.
  • This collection is available in two lamp body colors: black and white.
  • Support customization.
  • Please note: Your payment does not include customs duties, local taxes or any other import costs.
  • If you have any questions about our products, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

LED net ceiling/wall lamp Size

Long size:

  • 7heads size: L 48cm x W 24.5cm/L 18.9″ x W 9.7″
  • 10heads size: L 62cm x W 24.5cm/L 24.4″ x W 9.7″
  • 13heads size: L 72cm x W 24.5cm/L 28.4″ x W 9.7″
  • 19heads size: L 108cm x W 24.5cm/L 42.5″ x W 9.7
  • 25heads size: L 140cm x W 24.5cm/L 55.1″ x W 9.7″
  • 31heads size: L 175cm x W 24.5cm/L 68.9″ x W 9.7″
  • 37heads size: L 205cm x W 24.5cm/L 80.7″ x W 9.7″
  • 37heads S size: L 160cm x W 70cm/L 63″ x W 27.6″

Round size:

  • 9heads size: Dia 39cm x H 10cm/∅ 15.4″ x H 3.94″
  • 12heads size: Dia 48cm x H 10cm/∅ 18.9″ x H 3.94″
  • 15heads size: Dia 52cm x H 10cm/∅ 20.5″ x H 3.94″
  • 18heads size: Dia 55cm x H 10cm/∅ 21.7″ x H 3.94″
  • 24heads size: Dia 66cm x H 10cm/∅ 26.0″ x H 3.94″
  • 30heads size: Dia 78cm x H 10cm/∅ 30.7″ x H 3.94″
  • 36heads size: Dia 90cm x H 10cm/∅ 35.4″ x H 3.94″
  • 54heads size: Dia 90cm x H 10cm/∅ 35.4″ x H 3.94″
  • LED net ceiling/wall lamp    LED net ceiling/wall lamp

LED net ceiling/wall lamp Details

  • Material: Metal/Aluminum alloy/Acrylic
  • Light source: LED chip
  • Power: Max 2W (Single)
  • Weight: 3kg/6.6lbs
  • Finishes: Black,White (Available)
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 150cm / 59″ wires . Can be extended upon request
  • LED net ceiling/wall lamp
Product Details

Data sheet

SizeLong 7heads
Long 10heads
Long 13heads
Long 16heads
Long 19heads
Long 25heads
Long 31heads
Long 37heads
Long 37heads S
Round 9heads
Round 12heads
Round 15heads
Round 18heads
Round 24heads
Round 30heads
Round 36heads
Round 54heads
lightCold white
Warm white
lamp body colorBlack
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